Upcoming Lectures and Seminars

Contact me if you are interested in having me speak to your veterinary group about topics in feline medicine. Click here for information on upcoming wet labs and workshops.


Jan. 21-23: VMX; Orlando, FL
Feb. 1-3: GEMFE-AVEPA; San Sebastian, Spain
Feb. 9-10: Canadian Feline Practitioners Forum; Montreal, QC
Feb. 17-18: Western Veterinary Conference; Las Vegas, NV
Apr. 6: AMVQ Annual Congress; Montreal, QC
Apr. 7: Hill’s Nutrition Symposium, Guelph, ON
May 2-5: International Veterinary Seminars; New Orleans, LA
May 20: NAVC Institute ABVP Examination Review Course; Orlando, FL
June 7-8: Vet Festival; Surrey, UK
June 24-27: International Veterinary Seminars; Kauai, HI
July 14-19: WSAVA Congress; Toronto, ON
Sept. 26-29: FASAVA Congress; Tokyo, Japan
Sept. 30-Oct 1: Philippine Animal Hospital Assoc., Manila
Oct. 26-28: Nova Veterinaria; Nitra, Slovakia
Oct. 31-Nov 2: American Assoc. of Feline Practitioners, San Francisco
Nov. 7-8: New York Vet, New York
Dec 11: Chicago VMA; Chicago, IL