Upcoming Lectures and Seminars

Contact me if you are interested in having me speak to your veterinary group about topics in feline medicine. Click here for information on upcoming wet labs and workshops.


Jan. 18-22: VMX; Orlando, FL
Feb. 10-12: Valentine Charlton Feline Medicine Conference; University of Sydney, Australia
Feb. 16-19: Western Veterinary Conference; Las Vegas, NV
Apr. 20-21: Hill’s Global Symposium
Apr. 24-25: Feline Inspiration Days; Copenhagen
Apr. 29: Golden Veterinary Triangle Academy; Cambridge, ON
May 17: Hope Veterinary Specialists; Philadelphia, PA
July 10-12: International Veterinary Seminars; San Diego, CA
Oct. 1-5: International Veterinary Seminars; Hilton Head, SC