Western Vet Conference: Mar. 5-9, 2017


The Western Veterinary Conference will be held at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV on March 5-9, 2017. My lectures will be on Tues. March 7:

  • Current concepts in feline chronic kidney disease
  • How to improve the safety of anesthesia for feline patients
  • Elevated liver enzymes in cats – now what?
  • How to manage cats with urethral obstruction
  • How to use feeding tubes in cats

Wed. March 8: Feline Diagnostic and Therapeutic Techniques Hands-on Lab with Dr. Craig Webb at the Oquendo Center – separate registration required.


Midwest Veterinary Conference: Feb 25, 2017


The Midwest Veterinary Conference will be in Columbus, OH from Feb. 23-26, 2017. My lectures are on Sat. Feb. 25 – I hope you’ll join us there!

  • Recognizing and scoring pain in cats
  • How to improve the safety of anesthesia for cats
  • How to manage urinary obstructions in cats
  • Elevated liver enzymes in cats: a practical approach
  • Current concepts in treating chronic kidney disease in cats
  • How to diagnose and manage inflammatory bowel disease in cats


NAVC: Feb 4-8, 2017


The North American Veterinary Conference will be held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL on Feb. 4-8, 2017. My lectures and labs:

  • Sun. Feb. 5: Next Level – Weight Loss in Senior Cats
  • Sun. Feb. 5: Diagnostic Workups are Good Medicine for Cats (with Mike Lappin)
  • Tues. Feb. 7: Feline Medicine Diagnostic & Therapeutic Procedures (wet lab)
  • Wed. Feb. 8: They All Eat! Nutrition for the Practitioner (with Cecilia Villaverde)
  • Wed. Feb. 8: Sweet & Sour: Controversies in Management of Feline Diabetes Mellitus (with Cecilia Villaverde)

August’s Consultations in Feline Internal Medicine, Volume 7


August’s Consultations in Feline Internal Medicine (2015) is the 7th volume in a well-respected series originated by Dr. John August. This volume contains cutting edge information in over 100 chapters written by experts in the latest issues, advances, and therapies in feline medicine. Read more …

August’s Consultations (ISBN: 9780323226523) is available from Elsevier and Amazon.com as well as in e-book format.