Improve International (GPCert in Feline Practice); Orange, CA: Mar 7-10, 2019


Do you have a special interest in feline medicine? Looking for an in-depth course taught by experts covering the most important topics? The Improve International GPCert in Feline Practice modules will help you achieve a higher level of expertise, clinical skills, knowledge, and confidence in dealing with complex cases.

My modules:
Fri Mar 8: Feline endocrinology

  • Define the clinical signs of feline endocrine diseases and understand their pathogenesis: hyperthyroidism, diabetes mellitus, acromegaly, hyperaldosteronism, hyperadrenocorticism
  • Understand the principles of key diagnostic tests
  • Understand the management of common feline endocrine diseases and know how to approach complications such as diabetic ketoacidosis

Sat Mar 9: Feline urinary tract

  • Understand the causes of renal dysfunction, the presentation and diagnostic tests utilized in cats with clinical signs of kidney disease (including acute/chronic kidney disease, neoplasia, and inherited diseases)
  • Understand the causes and emergency treatment of acute kidney injury
  • Explain the pathophysiology of renal dysfunction and the importance/ significance of hyperphosphatemia, anemia, proteinuria, and hypertension
  • Apply knowledge of the International Renal Interest Society staging scheme for chronic kidney disease to patient treatment, monitoring, and prognosis
  • Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the available treatments for chronic kidney disease, including phosphate binders, ACE inhibitors, and dietary modification
  • Approach diseases of the lower urinary tract including idiopathic cystitis, urolithiasis, urinary tract infections, and neoplasia and understand their differentiation, risk factors, treatment, and dietary management

Other modules:
Thurs Mar 7: Feline clinical pathology & laboratory diagnosis with Dr. James ‘Scot’ Estep
Sun Mar 10: Feline musculoskeletal disease with Dr. Dennis Marcellin-Little